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Eros, son of Chaos and the primeval god of love and passion, decided to find the most kind-hearted and open-minded people.
He wanted to inspire them with a sweet passion for creativity and art.
To find the epicenter for his endeavor Eros spread his wings and hovered over land and sea. His curiosity drew him towards a complex of multifarious islands that laid in a perfect ellipse in the middle of the capricious sea where Poseidon had transformed the Oceanids into rocks when they provoked his rage.

Near the middle of this “cycladic” formation a small island in the shape of a reclining woman resting together with a man caught his eye. He loitered around this natural sculpture carved on near-spotless white marble. Here, people were vibrant with clear, kind, smiling faces and capable hands – their crafts blended with the islet without disturbing its natural beauty.

Eros was enchanted by the warmth and the sensation transmitted by the islet. And he bequeathed the best of his inspiration for elaborate and distinguished artwork to its people. In his overwhelming compulsion to clone himself, he named the island “Keros.”

This story is not an official part of ancient Greek mythology, but in our minds, it could be, as it captures the inspiration behind our name, with a bit of poetic license. We fell in love with the subtle vibes of Keros at first sight some thirty years ago. When we found this particular plot, we felt we could inhale and almost grasp the entirety of Keros.

“Eros (for) Keros” finally became a reality ten years later.

Our dream is that your days in Eros Keros will be touched with the magic of this special island, and that they will summon in you a feeling of the love we have for it.

photographs by : Stefanos Samios