Peace and quiet

Two tiny islands with astonishing beaches, unspoiled Cycladic beauty, great food and delightful people

Koufonisia refers to two small, exotic islands, Pano (upper) Koufonisi and Kato (lower) Koufonisi, separated by a 200 m sea channel.


They sit hidden away between the larger islands of Naxos and Amorgos, and together with Keros, they belong to the complex of the Lesser East Cyclades.

Koufonisia’s simplicity, calm water and unspoiled natural beauty make them stand out among other Greek islands. Pano Koufonisi (5.5 sq. km) has a population of less than 400 residents, most of whom are engaged in fishing and tourist activities, and they all love their island.

The island’s fishing fleet, in proportion to the size of its population, is considered the largest in Greece, and for this reason we enjoy fresh fish and seafood delicacies year-round.

With its easy-going pace of life, Koufonisi is the perfect place to reset your body clock.


The size of the island allows you to explore it by foot in just about two hours, so cars are not necessary.

Everyone either walks or cycles and enjoys the blissfully endless sea views and natural pools of the island.


For those who prefer to go by water, small boats, which run every hour, take you to most of our best white sand beaches, like: Hondros Cavos, Fanos, Platia Pounda, and Pori.


Chora, the island’s only settlement, is a Cycladic fishing village with lovely limestone houses, a few beautiful stores, and many wonderful tavernas that offer dinner under the stars.

From the south coast, you can see the island of Keros, an important center of Cycladic culture circa 3.000-2.000 BC.

This is a protected site, and some consider Keros even more essential than the island Delos, one of the most important mythological, historical, and archaeological sites in Greece. It is on Keros that Piper, Harpist and other important figurines were first discovered.


At night, Keros looks like a woman’s silhouette in repose. By daylight, the island reveals its archaeological significance

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Kato Koufonisi, with just a few rural houses and the small church of Panagia, is a great place for hiking and swimming. Its deserted pebble beaches, and a few sandy ones, recall the long-forgotten Greece of the 60’s.

photographs by : Stefanos Samios & Patricia Garcia-Gomez